DIY | Love Heart Note Holder

With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought these love heart note holders would be a cute & easy DIY idea to share. As they're made from polystyrene, they are perfect for securely holding a message when you flip them over so here's how to make them! 

You'll need: red paint / craft knife / craft hearts / paint brush / black & pink pen

Start by cutting a small rectangle in the back of your heart, the paper will peel off to reveal the polystyrene and you can remove some with the blade of your craft knife to leave a (roughly) 7mm deep gap to hold your folded note.

Paint the front of your heart and allow to dry before flipping over and painting the back. You will probably need a couple of coats of paint.

Draw on some cute faces using a black pen and add some pink dots for cheeks

Write your note on a small piece of paper and fold to fit into the gap on the back of your heart.

These hearts make cute gift tags or can be hung around the house as a treasure hunt! Remember... it doesn't have to be Valentines Day to spread a little l.o.v.e.

Still need more inspiration? Why not try making a Pop Up Valentines Card  and some French Toast Cupcakes! FYI... the cupcakes will totally get you in anyones good books! 


  1. A pretty and unique photo or memo holder.

    An ideal way to store those precious pics or keep sakes, particularly of your nearest and dearest.

  2. Love this! Such a great project and love how you made it. Perfect little touch of Valentine’s Day!